Kemp Fire Department P.O. Box 629 Kemp Tx 75143     Phone (903) 498-7909
The new fire trucks are in, Engine 1 and Engine 2 can be seen at the fire station



Welcome to the Kemp Fire Department web site.
Kemp Fire Department (KFD) was established in 1926 to provide fire suppression for the Kemp Community. The Department is all Volunteer, and coverage area has grown to include 130 square miles with approximately 6000 residents.

KFD has one fire station located at HWY 274 and business 175 in Kemp. In direct response to area growth, KFD purchased land on the corner of FM 148 and CR 4060.  It is our intention to build a second fire station at this location.  We are actively seeking the funding required to build a second station and purchase service equipment.   

The KFD has nineteen active members in the department.  Each member receives fire and rescue training, performs equipment maintenance and routine station maintenance.  In addition to the scheduled meetings, maintenance and training, members respond to an average of 45 calls per month.  The men and women of KFD are dedicated public servants.

Continuous training, up to date fire and rescue equipment and community support are essential to the success of this department.

KFD will continue to meet all challenges with the professionalism and dedication our community has grown to respect.
If you have any questions or comments please contact the fire department at 903-498-7909.

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Kemp Fire Department

Mission Statement


Through professionalism, dedication, integrity and training the Kemp Fire Department works to safeguard the lives and property and to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of The City of Kemp and Kaufman County. This will be accomplished by providing a vast range of emergency services, strong public relations and fire safety education. We also endeavor to protect and preserve the health of our membership and return our personnel safely to their families.

Core Values of the Department


The Department continues its unwavering call to protect and serve.


Bravery is the ability to overcome fear through fortitude, instinct, compassion for others and training.


We strive to keep our citizens free from danger, especially deliberate, harmful acts. With the best equipment and training, the Department can reduce the risk to the public and its members at fires, emergencies and medical incidents.


The enormous commitment necessary to perform the Department’s tasks requires excellence of character. We inspire each other through pride in our Department, which is a belief that every action reflects on all the members of the Department, both past and present.


A commitment to the objectives of our mission is an essential part of our code of conduct. The faithful observance of duty calls for us to fulfill our obligations professionally and honestly.


By combining all of the components of our core values, the Kemp Fire Department will maintain its constant state of readiness to meet all threats and challenges, traditional and new.